A renewal at the beginning

Earlier this summer, as I sat at a cafe in Neenah, Wisconsin reading the Verso compilation Aesthetics and Politics, it hit me. 

I could see what I had been doing for the past four years. Pragmatism, narrative theory, and relational aesthetics: finally, it all came together.

I think.

For a brief moment, I saw–I knew that there was a “there” there, rather than just an accumulation of stuff that I liked to think about. Now it remains to be seen whether I can adequately articulate the set of connections that crystallized in my imagination. I have already begun that process, and I hope to have the courage to try and share some of that here. 

What was most strange about the experience that day at the cafe was that I actually felt afraid. Exhilarated, but afraid. I’m having a hard time explaining that feeling to myself. I suppose I’m frightened because I can no longer avoid taking this particular step forward–a step that’s been brewing for such a long time now. It’s time to put up or shut up. 

Here goes nothing. 



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